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Pre and Postnatal Yoga


Next Prenatal Series Starts In...
Next Postnatal Series Starts In...

Support for your body, your baby, and your life.

Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit with these accessible pre and postnatal yoga series, held in 6-week sessions. Perfect for all trimesters and experience levels, these classes are a powerful combination of stretch, strength, and freedom. Each class is tailor-made with practical tools you can take with you off the mat and into your motherhood journey.


Students can expect to learn:

  • How to support your pelvic floor through gentle strengthening and relaxation techniques

  • Breathwork to help soothe your nervous system and calm your mind

  • Poses that can help with the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum

  • Tools to help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, increase muscle endurance for childbirth, and decrease lower back pain, nausea, and headaches (which is backed by the Mayo Clinic!)

In addition to feeling better in your body, you’ll be part of a Sangha, which is the Sanskrit word for community. Meeting other women during this special time in your life is a great way to develop a support system and feel connected to the power of motherhood. Students are invited to journal about their experiences, learn from each other, and connect in our private online pre and postnatal yoga student group. 


This was my first time ever trying a yoga class of any kind and I truly enjoyed every part of it. It pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and be surrounded by other pregnant women going through the same things. I will be recommending it to all my pregnant friends!


I’m so glad I found prenatal yoga! As a beginner in the yoga practice, I had no idea what to expect but the entire experience has been nothing short of great! I’ve learned to love my body in new ways, gained a better understanding of its movement and capabilities, and have really learned to focus on different breathing exercises! While definitely beneficial during pregnancy, I hope to continue the practice postpartum too!



You will learn to...

Meet Your Teachers

  • What are the benefits of the Center City Restore classes?
    Increased range of motion Improved flexibility and mobility Improved posture Decreased odds of injury Promotes anti-aging Improved relaxation Decreased stress levels
  • Yoga vs. Stretching - what's the difference?
    Stretching can help you recover from an injury, become more flexible, improve your athletic performance, or target a particular problem area. Yoga includes the added benefit of mindfulness and breathing techniques along with flexibility, mobility, strength, posture, and balance.
  • What should I expect from a yoga class?
    While every yoga teacher has their own unique style, you can generally expect the integration of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, yoga postures to promote flexibility, mobility, and strength, along with a focus on relaxation and stress reduction.
  • What types of yoga are offered?
    Center City Studio is proud to offer several different types of yoga, including (but not limited to): vinyasa flow, yin, prenatal, hatha, chair, and more!
  • What might I expect from a restorative stretching class?
    Think of this as your "cool-down" after a workout.
  • I'm not flexible. Can I join?
    Yes. There are plenty of props and modifications to accommodate for any body type; be that flexible, stiff, tall, short, small, medium, large, and everything in between. Every body can do yoga. And every body is welcome.
  • Where can I learn more about the Prenatal Yoga series?
    You can learn more HERE!
  • How is prenatal and postnatal yoga different from “regular” yoga?
    Prenatal classes offer the same benefits of a “regular” yoga class, but tailored to a pregnant woman’s needs. Poses are designed to support your pregnant body, and mindfulness exercises help to prepare you for labor, delivery, and beyond. Postnatal yoga classes are tailored to women who have given birth by focusing on recovery as well as building strength at a sustainable pace. Also, building a community of women going through a similar experience is a key part of these classes. Being in the same room as other pregnant or postpartum women is especially valuable at these stages of life.
  • How early in pregnancy can I start taking prenatal yoga classes?
    As soon as you and your medical provider say it’s okay, you can attend prenatal classes! That being said, the first trimester can be tough and many students wait until the second trimester to begin yoga classes.
  • How late into my pregnancy can I start taking prenatal yoga classes?
    As long as you feel good and your medical provider gives you the green light, you can take prenatal yoga classes right up to delivery. Many of the poses we’ll practice can be helpful during delivery. Plus, the calming breathwork can help ease your nerves on the big day.
  • When can I begin postnatal yoga?
    You can begin postnatal yoga once you have been cleared by your physician and/or medical provider to resume physical activity. Postnatal yoga is open to anyone who has given birth, no matter if it was a c-section or vaginal delivery.
  • What if I’ve never taken a yoga class before?
    No problem! Prenatal yoga is a great place to start your wellness journey. New students and experienced practitioners can both benefit from prenatal yoga, and classes are created with all students in mind.
  • What should I bring to class?
    A water bottle, comfortable clothes, and a yoga mat are all you need. If you don’t have a mat, we have a few at the studio you can borrow. If you have a favorite blanket, bolster, or blocks, please feel free to bring those, too! Otherwise, we have plenty of props at the studio.
  • Can I come to just one class instead of the six-week series?
    Our mission is to help you feel empowered, strong, and confident as you prepare for the arrival of your little one with prenatal yoga, and as you focus on recovery with postnatal yoga. A six-week series is the ideal way to learn these skills. We also strive to build a community of local women you can lean on during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. These series allow you to make connections and build your support network!
  • What is your phone policy?
    You can bring your phone in with you but please leave it with your belongings and turn it off or put it on SILENT upon entering. You are more than welcome to ask for pictures or take pictures after class.
  • What do I bring to class?
    Bring a water bottle and your own mat if you have one. There are mats and other props available for use if you need them, but you may want to consider purchasing your own mat for personal hygiene and regularity of practice. Ask your teacher for recommendations!
  • What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing that you can move around in: exercise pants that feel secure but allow for movement, shirts that allow for full coverage but don't restrict your range of motion. Shoes are not allowed during yoga. Socks are not traditionally worn in yoga, but you can if they make you feel more comfortable. There are socks with grippy bottoms that are nice for yoga!
  • What about eating or drinking before class?
    Hydration is key. It is a good idea to come to class hydrated and with your own water bottle. Eating large meals before class is not recommended, you should give yourself a few hours after eating before attending yoga.
  • What etiquette and behaviors should be followed during class?
    Please be mindful that these are public classes. We all arrive to the mat with our own energy based on what is happening within our lives - while it is important to honor those feelings, it is also important to honor the collective energy in the room. Please minimize disruptions and save concerns or comments for private discussion with your instructor before or after class times. We strive to make this a welcoming and comfortable space for all!
  • Do I have to register for class online?
    No. You are more than welcome to come to class without signing up online. You can pay with a cash or card upon arrival, and we will ask for your information (name, email, etc) to create an online account for you so you are able to track your purchases and class attendance. *Keep in mind that space is limited and those who register online will have priority.

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